Digital, social, traditional, event, and athlete.  My formal education, age, and experience gives me a distinct advantage over other marketers both within and outside the action sports industry.  I’m young enough to “get it” regarding ever-changing digital trends yet old enough to comprehend, restrain, and engage various mediums to best influence todays consumer purchasing decisions.

Sales volume doesn’t strictly identify successful marketing but the health of a brands consumers does.  Gone are the days of blind loyalty as today’s consumers want to identify with products and the brands behind them.  Consumers want to connected to brands on a personal level, understanding the product, how it’s sourced, and most importantly, how the company spends profits. 

It’s imperative for todays brands to remain transparent and content marketing is the perfect tool.  Content marketing scares many brands but it shouldn’t as they’ve been content marketing for years in the form of television and magazine ads.  The only difference between then and now is today’s consumer requires more than static ads.  They seek they seek to continually consume informational, educational, and entertaining content, that properly prepared brands are perfectly aligned to provide.

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Growing up team sports never held my interest.  The outdoors specifically skate, bmx, snowboarding, and motocross are what caught and continues to hold my interest.  It doesn’t matter the discipline, action sports are where my passion lies and while I’ve slowed some with age, I’m still just as passionate as ever. 

I spent my mid teens through late 20’s traveling the country with my family racing ATV motocross on the national level while juggling high school and college.  Working my way up as an unsupported C class novice to a factory sponsored Pro-Am athlete taught me irreplaceable life lessons I’m stoked to share with others to help guide their rise to the top.

Motocross taught me that sponsorships do provide value, but this value isn’t necessarily in the form of discounts, free product, or even a paycheck.  Sponsorship’s true value lies in the relationships built with sponsors and your chosen industry.  

Competing at an elite level forever isn’t an option.  Smart athletes recognize this and properly align themselves within their industry to ensure their careers continue to thrive once they step away from the podium.  This transition can be hard or effortless,  the relationships developed with sponsors and the industry will decide.   

Whether it’s helping craft a resume, sponsorship proposal, developing athlete marketing strategies, shooting photos, editing videos, or telling you what to expect during your first trade show, I truly enjoy helping others reach their goals and sharing my knowledge of the Action Sports industry.  

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While capable it’s rare to find me in a studio, instead you’ll find me in the same environment as my subjects, the great outdoors.  My photography is driven by the urge to capture action sports in unique locations and situations.  Every trick presents challenge, so does every shoot.   It could be keeping the camera dry centimeters off the rough waters surface, hanging off a cliff for the right angle, or withstanding weeks worth of 4:00 am wake up calls to capture the golden hour.   Without overcoming challenge, capturing the ideal image wouldn’t be gratifying for anyone involved.

Photographs capture a singular moment in time, a moment representative of a journey, an adventure, and memories that both photographer and subject share.  It’s these relationships, adventures, challenges, and victories that give photos their worth, their validation.  The true memory lies in the story behind the photograph, lingering in the minds of the artist and athlete decades after publication.

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 A full sensory experience, utilizing light, action, and sound in conjunction with one another to tell a story.  Deeper than just action synced with music, Videography is carefully selecting then refining the most meaningful moments, at all times keeping the audience fully immersed in the story’s emotion.  

If a quick edit to music is all you’re after, no problem.  But utilizing the medium to fully immerse the audience in a story, in a way photos and the written word can’t deliver, is what fuels my passion.  I pride myself in not shooting from the hip but rather taking the time to plan, shoot, then refine the story by editing.   Drawing on my Graphic Design knowledge and when applicable, implementing both still and motion graphics to further enhance the story and viewer experience.

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Before I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Bowling Green State University, I knew being anchored to a desk, solely designing 9 to 5 with the same firm / client wasn’t my calling.  Don’t get me wrong, I love design, but thankfully the internet allows me to work from anywhere, for anyone.  In turn, Graphic Design is now one of the many services I offer my clients, allowing me to work with them directly on select projects, keeping my passion for the craft alive. 

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I’m based out of Columbus Ohio,  not the action sports mecca but a central location allows me to efficiently travel locally, nationally, and globally to fulfill my clients needs.