Obrien Wake 2016

Cheers to 2016!  I had an absolute blast road tripping through Florida and filming our 2016 line with Parker Siegele, Sean O’Brien, Tarah Mikacich, Jeff Langley, Cory Teunissen, and our Pro team.  The trip pretty much went off without a hitch,  we all gathered in Orlando where the majority of the team resides, loaded up Cory’s Supra with all our gear, and made our way down to Jupiter Fl, to Sean O’Brien’s house.  Sean lives right on the water and about a 20 minute idle from where we did the majority of our shooting, utilizing Sean’s Axis and his buddies Sea Doo Wake Pro as scout and chase vessels, luck remained on our side as stellar weather, conditions, and boat traffic provided us a phenomenal 2 days of filming.

Once Jupiter was wrapped, we caravaned back to Orlando for the video portion of our shoot, deciding to mix it up this year and travel to each rider’s home lake to film.  Because everyone was comfortable behind their own boats, and knew where to find the best water on their home lakes, this turned out to be some of the most productive 2 days of filming I’ve ever done.

I’ll write a follow up article later in the season, but for now,  I and the rest of the Obrien team are stoked on the 2016 lineup and the season to come.