Obrien Battle Of The Brands Entry

Obrien’s entry created for Tige’s My Wake Battle of The Brands challenge.  After much deliberation I’ve decided to upload the video as it was originally submitted,  because… what the hell.   This video was created on a whirlwind deadline.  I returned from an international vacation on a Monday,  Tuesday morning I was notified of the contest and the submission was due at 12:00 am Thursday morning.  With no time to shoot anything new let along properly color correct, I scoured my drives for leftover footage,  choose the best song from the six provided options, and against my will cut the edit down to the brutally long required 4 minute mark.

I won’t dive into my opinions on the contest judging, but since I’m a firm believer in the “You’re only as good as your most recent work” mantra,  It’s safe to say I’m excited to get going on the latest project that’s in the works.